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What are my responsibilities as a member of the TILC?2023-05-03T23:40:46+00:00
  1. The TILC is a working club and its success and future is clearly in the hands of the membership.
  2. Quality members contribute and do their share. There are no free rides.
  3. Quality members attend general meetings when possible.
  4. Quality members attend the main work parties in the Fall and Spring.
  5. Quality members support our committees. There are no free rides.
  6. Our dues structure is designed with the realization that members will contribute to the work that needs to be done.
Are there any exceptions to the rules above?2023-05-03T23:38:33+00:00

The Board of Directors at the TILC recognizes that many situations occur. We intend to follow the guidelines listed above and yet we are willing to listen if an appropriate situation occurs. Again, all decisions will be made with the welfare of the TILC as the main factor. You are always welcome to ask.

What if I am at the club and a problem with another member occurs?2023-05-03T23:37:25+00:00
  1. Members should be courteous to each other and not place a member in an embarrassing position.
  2. If you are uncomfortable with something at the club and you can not handle the situation in a civil manner, then please err on the side of courtesy and report the incident to the board for further action.
Where are our emergency phone numbers?2023-05-03T23:36:04+00:00

All numbers are posted by the door or outside ramp door.

What do I do if I notice something not right at the club?2023-05-03T23:35:03+00:00
  1. Water problem – Toilets or urinals continuously running. – There is a shut off at each station. The urinals require a screw driver after removing the nut on the top front of the valve,
  2. Sinks – Turn off valves are located under each sink. If you can not fix problem by above – Turn off main valve located in the furnace room.
  3. Stoves – turn off and check for signs of fire.
  4. Any other building problem – contact a board member.
What should I do if I am the last to leave the building?2023-05-03T23:33:32+00:00
  1. Remove all garbage from the building
  2. Turn off all stoves, turn off all lights, make sure all water is off, & lock all doors.
  3. Make sure the fire pit area is safe.
Can I use club equipment for my private use off the facility?2023-05-03T23:32:15+00:00

No, all equipment at the club is owned by the club and should not be used off premises. Certain charitable events, or local municipal activities might be an exception. The permission of the commodore is required in advance on these occasions.

What are some general rules about building use?2023-05-03T23:29:54+00:00
  1. Be polite and courteous to others.
  2. Respect others and their activities.
  3. Extra toilet tissue is stored under lavatory vanities.
  4. Things stored in the refrigerator without names may be used by anyone. (Use common sense here.) Place things in refrigerator. – At your own risk.
  5. Don’t leave items in the refrigerator for unreasonable lengths of time. (We will periodically dump stuff.)
How can I find more information about events at the club?2023-05-03T23:26:22+00:00
  1. Information can be found in our monthly letter, the Shearpin
  2. Info is available on this web site on the CALENDAR page
  3. Asking a board member or any member is also appropriate.
Can my friend use the launch ramp?2023-05-03T23:25:07+00:00

The TILC launch ramp is for club member boats, certain municipalities, and individuals authorized by the Board of Directors exclusively. No one else may use the launch ramp without permission of the Commodore, Vice Commodore or Dock Master.
An emergency situation may be a rare exception. Inform the Commodore when this happens.

As a transient boater, what are the rules for using the docks?2023-05-03T23:23:28+00:00

All dock rules are in the bylaws or you can learn more by speaking to our dockmaster. Remember transient docks are for our transient boating members and are not intended to be used as a permanent slip.

Can boats with reciprocals to the TILC use our docks?2023-05-03T23:22:24+00:00

Yes, please show courtesy and hospitality to the guests. They may use the clubhouse facility if a member is present. Please show courtesy in this regard.

What are my responsibilities when using the building for an event?2023-05-03T23:21:09+00:00
  1. Members are always responsible for the conduct and behavior of their guests. In the event of an incident members are responsible for appropriate damages.
  2. The building should be left clean and as it was prior to the event.
  3. Members should bring in all paper products used at the event. The club should not incur any unusual cost.
  4. If a snowplow is needed for the event, member is responsible for the cost. Per event. (No outside plowing is permitted at the club. You must use our service.)
Can I use the building for an event?2023-05-03T23:17:20+00:00
  1. Club facilities are open to all members 365 days a year. There is no time when the club is exclusive and other members are not allowed use.
  2. During the non-boating season, Labor Day – Memorial Day, the board requests that members notify the membership/Board that they are planning a personal function for building use. These are handled on a first ask – first accepted basis. Although, technically, they are not exclusive for that member, courtesy and common sense directs others to respect the event and act accordingly. These events should directly involve the member.
  3. The building will not be used for non-member activities.
  4. At no time should these events involve profit.
  5. The Board may approve certain charitable or municipality activities.
  6. The Board may deny requests for building use.
  7. During the boating season, there will be no event allowed/scheduled that are exclusive in nature during the weekends.
What makes a clean kitchen?2023-05-03T23:14:28+00:00
  1. Counters should be cleaned and disinfected, all utensils and cookware returned, tables washed, floor swept, & mopped if necessary.
  2. Room set up as appropriate.
  3. If more than one member is using the kitchen, sharing of cleanup is appropriate if possible.
What are rules for use of the gas grills?2023-05-03T23:10:46+00:00

The grills are first come, first use. Please make sure all valves are turned off when finished. Spare propane is stored in the shed and may be used as needed. If you fill the tank yourself, donations are accepted and appreciated, or turn in the bill to the board.

What are the rules for kitchen use at the club?2023-05-03T23:07:07+00:00
  1. Kitchen facilities are first come first use. Members are free to use all facilities and cooking utensils. Cleanup supplies are provided. Coffee, tea, and hot chocolate are provided at no cost for member use. (Not for large group functions,)
  2. Paper products are there for club function use but may be used in an emergency. If you use these supplies, you must replace them.
  3. Members should leave the kitchen facility spotless after use.
What are the rules for use of the building?2023-05-03T23:03:25+00:00

The club sponsors certain events and they take priority over all other activities.

Can guests stay overnight at our docks?2023-05-03T23:02:07+00:00

A non reciprocal boating guest may stay overnight at our docks with permission from the Commodore, Vice Commodore or Dock Master. This may only be given if the member will be present for the night.

What if the guest comes by boat? Can they use our dock facility?2023-05-03T23:00:52+00:00
  1. Yes, again guests are always welcome at the club and may use the dock facility without having a reciprocal, as long as the club member is present. Docks may be used in this way if there is no inconvenience to the club.
Is there a limit to the number of people or the type of activity I can have at the club?2023-05-03T22:58:26+00:00

Yes, although there is no exact number, members should be considerate to fellow members. Large groups are not specifically prohibited but they should not significantly affect others at the club. The same holds true for the type of activity.
Use discretion depending on the day and time of the year. If you are uncertain, speak to a board member.

May I bring guests to the club?2023-05-03T22:56:35+00:00
  1. Guests are always welcome at the club except at our general meetings.
  2. A member must accompany guests when on club grounds.
  3. Members are responsible for the behavior of their guests.
Who makes decisions at the TILC?2023-05-03T22:40:08+00:00
  1. Our bylaws state that the Board of Directors has final management authority over the club within the approved budget.
  2.  The Board empowers appropriate committee chairs to make decisions on Board behalf when necessary or appropriate.
  3. All guidelines are subject to Board review and interpretation and may be modified or changed depending on the exact situation and the discretion of the Board.
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