Established in 1957 as the Outboard Boating Club of the Tonawandas, Inc. The purpose of the Tonawanda Island Launch Club, Inc. is to encourage the sport of boating; to promote the science of seamanship and navigation; to serve the interests of boat and motor owners; to affiliate with the Outboard Boating Club of America; to prevent the pollution of neighboring recreational waters; to stimulate interest in boating among the citizens in the area served by the club; to develop a fraternal spirit among outdoor enthusiasts; to provide a medium of exchange of boating information; to take proper action against discriminatory legislation and taxation affecting the lawful purposes of the corporation; to own or lease real and personal property for corporation uses; to develop more adequate boat storage and dock facilities; to do all things which will tend to serve present owners of boating equipment and to further interest in boating generally and to do any and all things necessary or proper in connection with, or incidental to, any of the foregoing purposes.