Board of Directors

The 2023 officers and committees are as follows:

Mike WrightCommodore
Joe SikoraVice Commodore
Lisa SchroederSecretary
Dave McDonaldTreasurer
Megan McKieFinancial Secretary
Sharon FieglPast Commodore
Bonnie BrownFirst Trustee
Steve McKieSecond Trustee
Angela McDonaldThird Trustee


The following are the committees and their corresponding leads for 2023:

Committee Name Lead
By Laws Don Cannamela
Jim Chadwick
Cruise Master Brent DeWitt
Dock Master Mike Clancy
Docks Brian Blatner
Entertainment Sue Maxwell

Sonya Youngman

Exterior Maintenence Phil Rhoney

Matt Hankinson

Family Picnic/Pig Roast Steve McKie

Chrissy McKie

Galley Chrissy McKie
Grounds Angela McDonald
Hospitality Carol DiMarco
Ice Boom Ray Fiegl, Jr.
Interior Maintenance Peter Baier
Membership Stacy Sikora

Michelle Rung

Carol DiMarco

Property Improvement Steve McKie
Property Planning Sharon Fiegl

Russ DiMarco

Steve McKie

Safety and Education Dave Maloney
Ship’s Store Mark Krause
Social Media Brent DeWitt
Trailer Lot RJ DiMarco
Ways & Means Jeanne Wright
Website / Communications Joe Peacock